Comfort stay

If you want to spend a stay like in a hotel or in a guest room, we will be happy to help you.
offer a hotel service. For short stays with comfort option (on reservation), we will
include in your stay the following kits:

Comfort stay in chalet *: (Double bed: 20 € / bed - Single bed: 10 € / bed)
- Bedding kit: pillowcase, mattress cover, sheets, duvet cover and quilt.
+ Hygiene Pack: (1/2 persons 6€)
- Shower kit**: towel, shower gel, shower mat, disposable toothbrush, toothpaste.
- Dishwasher kit**: sponge, dishwashing liquid, towel.
- Maintenance kit**: disposable wipe, multi-surface dosette.

We also offer breakfast baskets (5,50 € per person). A basket is yours
brought around 9am, with everything you need to prepare your hot drink.
or cold and enjoy it with bread and pastries. Hmm!!!

Cleaning package: 30€

*Wifi included
** additional kit: 2€

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